About Us

Children's party and entertainment in Wakefield and Leeds

Fantasy Kids Clubs® is the sister company to Make A Wish Entertainment®...


After the success of Fairy Enchantica's parties, adventures in fairytale lands and all the little friends she would meet along the way, Fairy Enchantica made a very important wish... 

...She wished that one day she would be able to share all her fairy secrets and teach others about life as a fairy at 'magicational' Fairy Themed workshops. The Fairy Queen thought that this was a wonderful idea and in 2006, by appointment of the Fairy Queen, Enchantica met a group of 'wannabe' fairies and taught them everything she knew about fairyland. The Summer Fairy Camp was such a success that more secret training locations were set up so that children across the land could train to be 'real' fairies. 

Word of Enchantica's magic workshops spread across the forest and even reached Planet Hero. Enchantica's next project allowed her to work directly with the Planet Hero Council and she created a learning experience for all 'wannabe' Heroes. Summer Fairy Camp and Hero Camp now run at the same time and at the same location offering little ones the option of either experience.

As Autumn arrived and the Fairies and Pixies turned into Witches and Wizards, Enchantica cooked up an Autumn themed potion called Witches & Wizards Academy. This potion would allow her to run one day classes for children wanting to be 'Wise' Witches & Wizards. Father Christmas soon heard about Enchantica's good work and decided to make her the head of The Christmas Fairies & Elves Workshop allowing little ones to prepare for Christmas, learn about life at the North Pole and meet some of our festive folk!  

Enchantica was also approached by SPY HQ asking her to offer a unique Spy Camp but the details are top secret and no more information can be revealed about that! Her adventures have now also reached the depth of the high seas and children can enjoy Mermaid and Pirate training experiences too.

Our workshops are now featured at family attractions and various schools across the UK.


Enchantica's Workshop, our creativity and well-being studio in Harrogate, offers a selection of term time learning adventures for little ones including Baby Beats and Rising Stars classes. There are also classes and worksops for adults and teens to enjoy. Visit www.enchanticasworkshop.co.uk for more information.

Enchantica & friends also offer term time workshops for schools and teaching organisations. Whatever you may wish for with the wave of her magic wand Enchantica and her team create bespoke workshops for external organisations, schools and businesses. 

For more information on "whats on" or how your school or organisation could enjoy the magic of Fantasy Kids Clubs do not hesitate contacting Enchantica and our team. We would be fairy delighted to hear from you.